Open House Melbourne

27 July 2014

The ARGUS features at Open House Melbourne July 2014.

On Sunday 27th July 2014 the ARGUS was one of the very special buildings included for Viewing at Open House Melbourne.

The doors of the ARGUS were opened to the Melbourne Public during the City of Melbourne Open House event. Attendance to this particular building had record numbers with people queuing for more than an hour to finally see what this once beautiful, grand building, which had fallen into ruin, looked like now.

People from all walks of life, interests and for different reasons took the time to walk through the few floors that formed part of the tour. There were stories shared and memories told; but whatever the case, it was evident that this grand building had not lost its charm.

On entering the front door to what was once the Advertisement Hall, the public were treated to a time line and a brief view of some of the works, artifacts and general memorabilia that had been collected during the refurbishment of the building. They were able to see the amount of work that had been carried out in this space particularly where the owners had engaged contractors to painstakingly restore as much of the space to its original state.

The tour then proceeded to the second and third floors of the building where viewers could see the incredible sandstone columns and capitals and the vast expanse of the East elevation. It was heartwarming to see the appreciation that those taking the tour had of the works done.

Whilst the tours were to have completed by 4:00pm the wonderful people from Johnstaff who freely gave their time for the day were held captive for more tours by those eager to take a look.

Argus - Open House - Melbourne

Press Release for Argus

18 April 2013

We are delighted to advise that after two and a half years of planning, scheduling and $3m. spent on consultation and planning; we announce today that the ARGUS building project has commenced.

This iconic building was purchased by MIT 2.5yrs ago as they could envisage a grand plan for its education facility. Its grandeur and structural appeal is what drew the owners to the building initially and when given the opportunity to purchase the building in 2010, there were great plans for the ARGUS and sticking to it as planned.

Over the last two years the building has been utilized by a number of groups including the most recent event sponsored by the City of Melbourne for the WhereHouse Project - Melbourne Music Week held between November 16 - 24, 2012; International filming crews have utilized the building for an Australian based, American movie, hopefully to be released some time in 2013 and several small budget filming groups that ranged from private film makers to students studying photography and/or the arts have also been given the opportunity to use the building whilst the planning was in progress.

We are now proud to say that stage one has commenced and we hope to have completed this stage by the end of 2013; to be followed with planning for future stages which will be essentially internal fit-outs.

Construction Engineering Pty Ltd has been commissioned to undertake the building of Stage one and Johnstaff Pty Ltd have been assigned as Project Managers with Mr. Andrew Skewes (Senior Project Manager) as the principal Project Manager.

Stage one will consist of opening a of number of retails on the ground floor, completion of structural and base building services ready for internal fit-outs for MIT campus We are excited and look forward to the finished product.